Enio Dell'Oca

Enio Dell’Oca. Edo in art, was born in Montorfano in the Province of Como in summer 1953. Because of his parents’ separation he grew up and was educated in Switzerland on the shores of Lake Lugano. From a very early age he became interested and involved with glass and soon found a position with a large company where he learnt the basic techniques of glass projects. In 1988 he opened the company “II Vetro” for the production of glass windows mounted in lead and brass for interior decorations that he designed and realised personally. In 1990 he approached the world of glass fusion and started out on a long period of study and tests in order to achieve the finest results in a field that offers surprising ideas and applications. He studied under the Argentinean artist Miriam Di Fiore, and immediately discovered his own personal idiom. The search for the highest degree of expressivity through shape and colour which is the hallmark of his style attracted the attention of the American company Bullseye Glass Co., the only producer in the world of a special material for the fusion of unique shades of colouring. At this point his creativity knew no limits: from glassware objects to decorative panels his activity has grown constantly and continuous research has inspired him to experiment with new techniques of manufacture and new materials — copper, steel and gold — which serve to embellish and make unique pieces that are eloquent expressions of his artistic capabilities. In constant contact with his American partners he manages to develop and obtain new colours and materials that make his works even more individual... In 1998 he withdrew completely from the commercial aspect of his work and opened the ‘Blu 5’ Art Studio, whose trademark proudly reflects the logo of the American company. Entering his workshop-studio we glimpse remarkable products exalted by craftsman-built metallic frames. The magic continues...